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TIER® is a range of innovative, competitive, fast track construction products which are designed to create an authentic appearance whatever the application. Using clever ideas and product development we help you to achieve a quality finish in the most efficient way every time.

Each product is made from natural stone which is ideal for interior and exterior applications, and has been developed over years of experience.

TIER® Systems are designed to combine the timeless beauty and durability of real stone, with the ease of installation using thin stone veneers or panels. To achieve this we use handpicked stones for each product, which are then dressed by our expert stone masons before being placed into the moulds. TIER® Systems are recognized for their quality and natural beauty. Using natural limestone, slate, quartz, granite, basalt and sandstone our masons adhere to strict guidelines to create products with subtle colour blends, but maintaining traditional masonry methods which produce a consistent and authentic appearance. All our products have to pass stringent quality control procedures as well as meeting colour variance guidelines. These standards ensure a high quality product and result in a stunning finish on any application.

We continually develop natural stone solutions for the walling sector using traditional and innovative methods to deliver new products and colours. We also pride ourselves on our professional and personal customer service. This enables us to service a broad range of customers with modern and contemporary designs, and solutions for both large and small building projects.

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